The Brown Lady Academic Bowl

Congratulations to the Department of Religion - 2016 Champions

The Honors College Student Association hosted The 2016 Brown Lady Academic Bowl on campus November 11 - December 2. The intent of the competition is to foster school spirit through an academic competition among the University’s academic departments and student  affairs offices. Teams will compete for cash, tee shirts, and a trophy. The event pits fourteen teams, comprised of students, faculty, and staff, against each other in a fast-paced round of trivia that covers everything from chemistry to pop culture.

The Department of History’s streak of nineteen consecutive wins and four championships in the Honors College Student Association Brown Lady Academic Bowl Tournament ended spectacularly this morning when the Department of Religion, led by senior Ryan Harris, defeated history with a score of 410 to 155.

Religion and History advanced to the championship game by winning their semi-final games on Wednesday. Religion de-feated Biology and History narrowly outscored Communication Arts. Tournament play began on November 11 with eight teams advancing to the second round. In addition to the teams listed above, the following teams participated in second round games:

 Sport Science
 Business
 English
 Criminal Justice

The Religion team will celebrate its championship with tee shirts, $350, and the Bowl Trophy.