Comprehensive Science (9-12) Education

Secondary school science teachers are currently in great demand. Students majoring in Comprehensive Science Education who complete the requirements for licensure will be prepared to teach both general and advanced science courses at the secondary level (grades 9-12). Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Comprehensive Science Education are eligible to apply for their licensure to teach science courses. You will also:

  • Be prepared for a variety of careers in the biological sciences or admission into graduate or professional programs.
  • Comprehend the fundamental biological concepts, theories, and phenomena.
  • Understand the theory of, and be able to apply the scientific method in a biological setting.
  • Know the selected techniques and equipment commonly used in field and laboratory studies.
  • Have proficiency in analytical, critical, and creative thinking, as well as in core communication skills.
  • Be an effective teacher who demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of a lifelong learner, a reflective practitioner, a communicator, a classroom manager, and a scholar.  

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Dean & Coordinator

Ella Benson, EdD
Dean, School of Education
Amy R. Wethington, PhD
Professor of Biology