Business Office

The Office of Business Affairs provides the University the financial planning and accounting necessary to support the faculty, staff, students, and community that it serves, and to achieve its mission as a University.  The office also serves as a resource for the entire university community to make daily operations possible and to provide a financially stable environment.

Chowan University will make every effort to control the costs of tuition, room, and board. Through the support of private gifts from alumni, businesses and friends, and endowment earnings, Chowan is able to charge tuition that is less than the actual cost of instruction.Every year the Fee Schedule is set  by the Board of Trustees; however, the University reserves the right to change these rates upon notice to students.

Account Statements
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While financial aid is awarded on a yearly basis, students are billed per semester.  Tuition and fees are billed based on student enrollment and housing selections.   All tuition and fees are approved by the Board of Trustees.  Click here for a full list of tuition and fees.
Forms 1098-T are distributed by January 31 to students who meet the IRS reporting requirements. Forms are mailed to the student’s permanent address of record.   The form 1098-T does not include information on payments made; please consult banking records, old bills or student account history on MyCU for payment information.
Chowan University is pleased to offer a short-term accident and sickness plan for full-time students. The cost of this plan will be assessed to all full-time students enrolling. The coverage of this plan begins in mid-August and ends min-June.  If you currently have medical insurance and would like to waive out of the cost and coverage of the plan offered by the university, you must complete the waiver before classes begin.
Payment plans can be set up for a $60 fee, which can be rolled into the monthly payments.  We do not charge interest on our payment plans.  They are set up in order to pay both the fall and spring semester balances throughout the course of the academic year.  The monthly amount is determined by subtracting all qualifying financial aid from the anticipated charges (for the year), and dividing by 10 months (July through April).  The resulting number is the monthly payment paid over those 10 months.

Business Office Staff

Jennie M. Blowe
Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Donnie O. Clary
Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Danny Davis
Vice President of Business Affairs
Julie W. Emory
Director of Business Services
Michelle H. Fairless
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Stephanie M. Furlough
Assistant Vice President of Business Analytics/Audit
LaTonya Gregory
Account Receivables Manager
Mary L. Harris
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Business Affairs